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♦ The Index is divided into two sections:

A. General methods for preparing and analysing gradients

B. An alphabetical cell type index. Commonly isolated cells such as mononuclear

    cells are often further categorized into species or tissue source. If a cell type is not

    in this index, it may be necessary to develop a customized method: in Section A

    see “Fractionation of a mixed population of cells” for some guidance.


♦ Click on the relevant [APPLICATION SHEET] for a detailed protocol. In some cases

   more than one Application Sheet for a specific cell type may be provided if different

   practical strategies are available.


Preparation of gradient solutions                                                           [APPLICATION SHEET C01]

Preparation of gradients                                                                        [APPLICATION SHEET C02] 

Fractionation of a mixed population of cells                                           [APPLICATION SHEET C14]

Analysis of gradients                                                                              [APPLICATION SHEET C49]


Alveolar cells (see “Pulmonary cells”)

Apoptosis analysis                                                                              [APPLICATION SHEET C32]


Anaplasma phagocytophilum                                                                 [APPLICATION SHEET C50]

Chlamydophila abortus                                                                           [APPLICATION SHEET C50]

Cyanobacteria                                                                                        [APPLICATION SHEET C50]


Listeria monocytogenes                                                                         [APPLICATION SHEET C50]

Obligate intracellular bacteria                                                                [APPLICATION SHEET C50]

Piscirickettsia                                                                                         [APPLICATION SHEET C50]

Rickettsia typhi                                                                                       [APPLICATION SHEET C50]

Spore protoplast density determination                                                 [APPLICATION SHEET C50]

Soil, clinical specimens and food, from                                                  [APPLICATION SHEET C39]

Cells in suspension, maintenance of                                                 [APPLICATION SHEET C38]

Cryptosporidium (see “Protozoa”)

Cyclospora (see “Protozoa”)

Dendritic cells

Barrier flotation                                                                                       [APPLICATION SHEET C20]

Barrier sedimentation                                                                             [APPLICATION SHEET C46]

Mixer flotation                                                                                         [APPLICATION SHEET C21]

Enterocyozoon bieneusi (see “Protozoa”)

Erythrocytes (normal and sickle cells)                                               [APPLICATION SHEET C35]

Erythrocytes, removal from blood and bone marrow                       [APPLICATION SHEET C35]

Foam cells                                                                                             [APPLICATION SHEET C46]

Gastric cells

Parietal cells                                                                                           [APPLICATION SHEET C28]

ECL cells                                                                                                [APPLICATION SHEET C31]

Granulocytes (see “Polymorphonuclear leukocytes”)

Hepatic cells

Kupffer cells                                                                                           [APPLICATION SHEET C47]

Non-parenchymal cells                                                                          [APPLICATION SHEET C24]

Stellate cells                                                                                          [APPLICATION SHEET C33]

Kidney cells (see “Renal”)

Langerhans cells (see “Dendritic cells”)


Blood and tissues, from (see “Mononuclear cells”)

Macrophages                                                                                        [APPLICATION SHEET C45]

Mattesia orzaephili (see “Protozoa”)

Monocytes (human)

Leukocyte-rich plasma

   Barrier sedimentation                                                                          [APPLICATION SHEET C51]

   Flotation                                                                                               [APPLICATION SHEET C09]

Whole blood, from                                                                                  [APPLICATION SHEET C10]


Mononuclear cells

Bone marrow                                                                                          [APPLICATION SHEET C40]

Equine peripheral blood                                                                         [APPLICATION SHEET C08]

Human peripheral blood

   Barrier flotation                                                                                    [APPLICATION SHEET C05]

   Barrier sedimentation                                                                          [APPLICATION SHEET C03]

   Mixer flotation                                                                                      [APPLICATION SHEET C04]

Intestine                                                                                                  [APPLICATION SHEET C40]

Liver                                                                                                        [APPLICATION SHEET C40]


Mouse blood

   Barrier sedimentation                                                                          [APPLICATION SHEET C43]

   Mixer flotation                                                                                      [APPLICATION SHEET C07]

Non-human primate peripheral blood                                                     [APPLICATION SHEET C30]

Peritoneal exudates                                                                                [APPLICATION SHEET C19]

Rabbit blood                                                                                            [APPLICATION SHEET C43]

Rat blood

   Barrier sedimentation                                                                           [APPLICATION SHEET C43]

   Mixer flotation                                                                                       [APPLICATION SHEET C06]

Ruminant peripheral blood                                                                      [APPLICATION SHEET C08]

Spinal cord                                                                                              [APPLICATION SHEET C40]

Spleen                                                                                                     [APPLICATION SHEET C40]

Neural cells

Inflammatory cells (spinal cord injury)                                                    [APPLICATION SHEET C36]

Microglial cells                                                                                        [APPLICATION SHEET C36]

Motoneurons (brain, various sites)                                                         [APPLICATION SHEET C29]

Motoneurons (spinal cord)                                                                      [APPLICATION SHEET C22]

Oligodendrocytes (see “Microglial cells”)



see “Polymorphonuclear leukocytes”

Pancreatic islets                                                                                   [APPLICATION SHEET C15]

Pancreatic stellate cells                                                                       [APPLICATION SHEET C33]

Plant protoplasts                                                                                  [APPLICATION SHEET C18]

Platelets (human)                                                                                 [APPLICATION SHEET C12]

Polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Human peripheral blood                                                                         [APPLICATION SHEET C11]

Mouse blood                                                                                           [APPLICATION SHEET C44]


Non-human primate peripheral blood (see “Human

peripheral blood”)

Peritoneal exudates                                                                                [APPLICATION SHEET C19]

Rat blood (see “ Mouse blood”)

Rabbit blood (see “ Mouse blood”)

Spinal injury, quantitative assessment in                                                [APPLICATION SHEET C36]

Progenitor cells (bone marrow and other tissues)

Barrier sedimentation                                                                              [APPLICATION SHEET C23]


Cryptosporidium                                                                                      [APPLICATION SHEET C27]

Cyclospora                                                                                              [APPLICATION SHEET C27]

Enterocytozoon bieneusi                                                                         [APPLICATION SHEET C27]

Mattesia orzaephili                                                                                  [APPLICATION SHEET C27]

Plasmodium                                                                                            [APPLICATION SHEET C41]

Sarcocystis neurona                                                                               [APPLICATION SHEET C27]


   Purification from cell cultures                                                               [APPLICATION SHEET C48]

   Separation of sporocysts and oocyst walls                                          [APPLICATION SHEET C34]

Pulmonary cells

Endothelial cells                                                                                      [APPLICATION SHEET C25]

Epithelial cells (Type I)                                                                            [APPLICATION SHEET C25]

Epithelial cells (Type II)                                                                           [APPLICATION SHEET C26]

Lymphoid cells                                                                                        [APPLICATION SHEET C26]

Macrophages                                                                                          [APPLICATION SHEET C25]

Myeloid cells                                                                                           [APPLICATION SHEET C26]

Renal cells

Interstitial and thin loop of Henlé cells                                                    [APPLICATION SHEET C42]

Proximal tubule                                                                                       [APPLICATION SHEET C42]

Reticulocytes                                                                                         [APPLICATION SHEET C35]

Sarcocystis neurona (see “Protozoa”)

Sea urchin coelomocytes                                                                     [APPLICATION SHEET C37]

Sickle cells (see “Erythrocytes”)

Sperm cells

Bovine                                                                                                     [APPLICATION SHEET C16]

Equine                                                                                                     [APPLICATION SHEET C16]

Elephant                                                                                                  [APPLICATION SHEET C16]

Gazelle                                                                                                    [APPLICATION SHEET C16]

Human                                                                                                     [APPLICATION SHEET C17]

Mouse                                                                                                      [APPLICATION SHEET C16]

Porcine                                                                                                     [APPLICATION SHEET C16]

Turkey/rooster                                                                                          [APPLICATION SHEET C16]


Dendritic cells (see “Dendritic cells”)

Mononuclear cells (see “Mononuclear cells”)

Splenocytes (see “Mononuclear cells”)

Stem cells (see “Progenitor cells”)


Dendritic cells (see “Dendritic cells”)

Thrombocytes (see “Platelets”)

Viable/non-viable cells                                                                          [APPLICATION SHEET C13]


                                                                                                                                     September 2016




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