Density gradient separation protocols

Blood cells

Iodinated density gradient media


Preparation of gradient solutions


Types of centrifugal separations


Harvesting density gradients


Analyzing density gradients


Production of Axis-Shield density gradient media


Isolation of blood cells


Isolation of mammalian cells


Purifucation of subcellular organelles


Purification of plasma membrane and domains


Analysis of membrane trafficking and cell signalling in density gradients


Analysis of endocytic compartment


Purification of microorganisms and their subcellular membranes


Purification and analysis of viruses


Isolation of macromolecules and lipoproteins


OptiPrep™ - The ideal density gradient medium


Lymphoprep™ - Isolation of human mononuclear cells


Lymphoprep™ Tube - Isolation of human mononuclear cells


NycoPrep™1.077 - Isolation of human mononuuclear cells


Polymorphprep™ - Isolation of human polymorphonuclear cells


Nycodenz® - A universal density gradient medium


Polysucrose 400


The risk and problems of using Percoll® for the isolation of cells- comment from publications


Why should I change to OptiPrep™ for the isolation of viruses?

Selection of Density Gradients

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