u-PAGEL Precast Gel: High Resolution and Reproducible Protein Electrophoresis  

u-PAGEL precast gels are ready-to-use polyacrylamide gels for electrophoresis in Bis-Tris buffer system (MOPS or MES). They are available in a variety of gradient and fixed concentrations, as well as in different well formats. u-PAGEL precast gels are known for their high resolution, reproducibility, and ease of use.

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Precision Unleashed: Navigating the Electrophoretic Landscape with U-PAGEL Precast Gel Mini Gel System (8x9cm)


In the ever-evolving realm of molecular biology, the U-PAGEL Precast Gel Mini Gel System emerges as a game-changing innovation, offering researchers an unrivaled platform for precise and efficient electrophoresis. This compact yet powerful system redefines the standards of gel electrophoresis, presenting a streamlined solution that caters to the diverse needs of molecular biologists. Let's delve into the remarkable features and applications that make the U-PAGEL system an indispensable asset in the laboratory.

Key Features:

1. Precision in Size and Design: The U-PAGEL Precast Gel Mini Gel System boasts a compact size of 8x9cm, providing researchers with a versatile platform for the separation of nucleic acids and proteins. Its design ensures precise and uniform sample migration, allowing for accurate analysis and interpretation of results.

2. Ready-to-Use Convenience: This precast gel system eliminates the time-consuming process of gel casting, offering researchers a ready-to-use solution for immediate electrophoretic applications. The convenience of simply loading samples and initiating the run enhances workflow efficiency.

3. Consistency in Performance: U-PAGEL's consistent and reproducible performance is a hallmark feature. Each gel is manufactured with precision, ensuring uniformity in gel composition, pore size distribution, and separation characteristics, enabling researchers to rely on consistent results for their experiments.


1. Time and Labor Savings: The U-PAGEL Precast Gel Mini Gel System is a time-saving marvel, significantly reducing the labor-intensive steps involved in traditional gel casting. Researchers can redirect their focus towards data analysis and interpretation, enhancing overall laboratory productivity.

2. Reproducibility in Results: The system's consistent performance translates into reproducible results, a critical factor in scientific research. Researchers can confidently reproduce experiments, ensuring the reliability and robustness of their findings.

3. Versatility Across Applications: U-PAGEL's versatility extends across a spectrum of applications, from the separation of DNA and RNA fragments to the analysis of proteins. Whether for routine nucleic acid electrophoresis or protein size estimation, the system adapts seamlessly to diverse experimental requirements.


1. DNA and RNA Electrophoresis: U-PAGEL excels in the separation of DNA and RNA fragments, providing researchers with a precise tool for analyzing nucleic acid samples in applications such as PCR product verification, DNA sizing, and RNA integrity assessment.

2. Protein Size Estimation: In protein research, U-PAGEL proves invaluable for estimating protein sizes accurately. Researchers can use the system for SDS-PAGE applications, determining the molecular weights of proteins with precision.

Precast Gel I Mini Gel 8x9cm U-PAGEL: Unleashing Precision in Electrophoresis

Elevate your molecular biology experiments with the U-PAGEL, a cutting-edge precast gel designed for the Mini Gel 8x9cm system. Tailored to perfection, this precast gel ensures precise and efficient separation of DNA fragments, proteins, or RNA, providing researchers with reliable and reproducible results.


Purpose and Application

Unlock superior capabilities for the separation of high molecular weight proteins with the UH-T/R series. Ideal for proteins up to 1,500 kDa (UH-T/R310), this system excels in SDS-PAGE, Native-PAGE, screening, electrophoresis for Western blotting (WB), and DNA electrophoresis (e.g., PCR products).


Dive into a realm of advanced features tailored for unparalleled performance:

  • Polymer Proteins Separation (UH-T/R5, UH-T/R310): Suitable for separating polymer proteins above 500 kDa.
  • Wide Fractional Range (UH-T/R420): Offers a vast 5~600kDa fractional range for enhanced flexibility.
  • Enhanced Physical Strength: Even low-concentration gel exhibits increased physical strength, minimizing tear.
  • Extended Shelf Life: Enjoy a long-term shelf life of up to 1 year from the manufacturing date, ensuring reliability.
  • High-Speed Migration: Achieve high-speed, short-time (30min~) migrations for efficient processes.
  • Polymer Blotting Excellence: Ideal for polymer blotting applications, demonstrating consistent effectiveness.
  • Wide Application Spectrum: Versatile across SDS-PAGE, Native-PAGE, and DNA electrophoresis, providing adaptability.
  • Tris-Glycine (-SDS) Compatibility: Tris-Glycine (-SDS) can be utilized as the migration buffer, enhancing compatibility and ease of use.


Easy to Handle

Polyacrylamide gel is a polymer resulting from the radical polymerization bonding of acrylamide and N, N’-Methylenebisacrylamide (Bis), which serves as a crosslinking agent. Acrylamide assumes a linear structure, and the crosslinking agent functions as a bridge, culminating in a polymer (gel) with a net structure. The pore size of the gel increases with lower concentrations, facilitating the separation of high molecular weight proteins. However, the solubility of Bis is limited, leading to non-uniform gel formation characterized by clumps. Such non-uniform gels exhibit reduced strength and are prone to tearing, posing handling challenges. Addressing this, ATTO has successfully developed a uniform gel at low concentrations utilizing a novel crosslinking agent boasting higher solubility and longer bonding arms compared to Bis. This innovation not only enhances gel strength, with tensile fracture stress approximately 1.7 times higher than Bis but also facilitates smoother sample entry into the gel's net structure due to its larger pore size, thereby significantly improving separability.

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Separation Range

TypeGel concentrationSeparation range
14-wells18-wellsProtein (kDa)DNA (bp)
UH-T5UH-R55%75 ~ 1,000500 ~ 5,000
UH-T310UH-R3103~10%35 ~ 1,500200 ~ 5,000
UH-T420UH-R4204~20%5 ~ 60030 ~ 2,500


UH-TX and UH-RX u-PAGEL H (14-wells and 18-wells) are ready-to-use precast polyacrylamide gels for electrophoresis in Bis-Tris buffer system (MOPS or MES). They are available in a variety of gradient and fixed concentrations, making them ideal for a wide range of protein separation applications, including SDS-PAGE, native PAGE, 2D gel electrophoresis, and Western blotting.

Both UH-TX and UH-RX u-PAGEL H gels are known for their high resolution and reproducibility. They are also very easy to use, simply remove the gel from its packaging and place it in the electrophoresis chamber, add the running buffer, and load your protein samples.

Here are some key features and benefits of UH-TX and UH-RX u-PAGEL H gels:

  • High resolution and reproducibility: These gels produce sharp and clear bands, making it easy to identify and quantify proteins.
  • Easy to use: No need to cast your own gels, simply remove from the packaging and use.
  • Compatible with most popular protein electrophoresis systems: These gels can be used in a variety of electrophoresis chambers, making them a convenient choice for any lab.
  • Wide range of separation options: Available in a variety of gradient and fixed concentrations, making them ideal for a wide range of protein separation applications.


The U-PAGEL Precast Gel Mini Gel System represents a paradigm shift in the landscape of gel electrophoresis. Its compact design, ready-to-use convenience, and consistent performance redefine the expectations for precision and efficiency in the laboratory. As researchers navigate the complexities of molecular biology, the U-PAGEL system stands as a beacon, unleashing a new era of accuracy and productivity in electrophoretic analyses. Embrace precision in your experiments—choose U-PAGEL for a journey into the future of gel electrophoresis.