AB-2280 Luminescencer NIR

Is a high-sensitivity, versatile luminescence detector for a wide range of applications, with reduced background interference, deeper penetration, and reduced autofluorescence.

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The AB-2280 Luminescencer NIR 

The Luminescencer NIR outshines its predecessors by offering improved accuracy in measuring target molecules. Its enhanced capability to cover the near-infrared spectrum proves especially advantageous, as near-infrared light efficiently penetrates biological tissues like skin and blood. This feature empowers researchers to gain insights into molecular processes with unprecedented accuracy, surpassing the limitations of conventional luminometers. Additionally, the Luminescencer NIR maintains the precision and sensitivity required for measuring bioluminescent reagents commonly used in ordinary assays, ensuring seamless integration into existing experimental protocols. In essence, the Luminescencer NIR stands as a beacon of innovation, heralding a new era in luminometry technology that extends both sensitivity and adaptability across a wider wavelength range.


Unlocking Precision in Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence Detection

The AB-2280 Luminescencer NIR stands as a pinnacle in the realm of luminescence detection, presenting a versatile and powerful solution for a diverse array of biological assays. Tailored to accommodate Single, Dual, and Triple Reporter assays, this luminescencer emerges as a robust tool for elucidating various cellular processes. Its applications span a wide spectrum, ranging from probing transcriptional factor activity and gene expression (via methods such as transfection and RNA interference) to conducting ATP assays, exploring autophagy studies, facilitating high-sensitivity immunoassays, and contributing to antioxidant activity assessments. The AB-2280 Luminescencer NIR is not merely a detection instrument; it is a comprehensive platform that empowers researchers to delve into the intricacies of cellular dynamics with precision and efficiency.

Key Features

  • Wavelength Versatility: Equipped with a detector covering the extensive wavelength range of 400900 nm, the AB-2280 accommodates bioluminescence and chemiluminescence probes with wavelengths spanning 650950nm. This capability enables penetration through biological substances such as blood, skin, and tissues.
  • Wide Dynamic Range: With a dynamic range spanning 8 logs, this luminescencer ensures accurate and reliable results across a wide range of experimental conditions.
  • High Sensitivity: Boasting high sensitivity, the detection limit reaches an impressive 1zmol (10¯²¹moles) of luciferase molecules, providing researchers with the precision needed for advanced studies.
  • Temperature Control System: The integrated temperature control system (Room temperature +5°C to 40°C) ensures optimal conditions for measuring living cell and tissue samples, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of experimental outcomes.
  • Auto-Injector System: The programmable injector condition allows for the seamless detection of flash-based luminescence, providing a customizable and efficient workflow.
  • Color Separation System: The tricolor luminescence can be automatically separated and analyzed using the filter system (560LP, 600LP), facilitating comprehensive and precise analysis of experimental results.

Elevating Luminescence Detection Precision

Experience the pinnacle of luminescence detection with the AB-2280 Luminescencer NIR, a high-sensitivity luminescence detector designed for a diverse array of luminescent probes, including luciferase, fluorescent proteins, and chemiluminescent substrates. Its standout feature lies in its exceptional proficiency in detecting near-infrared (NIR) luminescence, presenting distinct advantages over conventional visible light luminescence. These advantages encompass reduced background interference due to the minimized scattering and absorption of NIR light in biological tissues, thereby enhancing sensitivity. Additionally, the NIR light's ability to penetrate tissues more deeply makes it an optimal choice for in vivo imaging applications. The AB-2280 Luminescencer NIR further mitigates autofluorescence issues, as NIR light is less likely to induce unwanted fluorescence in biological samples, resulting in an improved signal-to-noise ratio. Equipped with a photomultiplier tube (PMT) detector offering high sensitivity and a wide dynamic range, this luminescence detector is complemented by a temperature control system, ensuring precise and reproducible results. Explore the next frontier of luminescence detection with the AB-2280 Luminescencer NIR.


Introducing the Luminescencer NIR, a groundbreaking single-tube luminometer employing photon counting methodology for the precise measurement of a broad spectrum of wavelengths ranging from 350 to 900nm. This innovative device represents a significant advancement in photon counting technology, specifically tailored to extend its measurement capabilities into the near-infrared light (NIR) range. Notably, the Luminescencer NIR achieves this without compromising the high sensitivity and expansive dynamic range characteristic of conventional luminometers.

The AB-2280 Luminescencer NIR is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards in luminescence detection. Designed to accommodate sample formats in φ12 x 55 mm tubes or 1.5 mL microcentrifuge tubes, its versatility is evident. The luminescence detector features a high-performing Photomultiplier (PMT) detector employing Photon counting methods, ensuring precision in signal detection. Operating within a broad spectral range from 350 to 900 nm, it offers flexibility in luminescence applications.

Equipped with an ingenious automatic filter change mechanism, the AB-2280 Luminescencer NIR allows color separation of up to three luminescence colors, facilitating comprehensive analysis. The built-in plunger-type injectors, adjustable in 25 μL steps ranging from 25 to 300 μL, enhance flexibility in experimental setups. The convenience extends with a built-in thermal printer featuring 24 digits, offering real-time result documentation.

For temperature-sensitive assays, an optional temperature control feature ranging from [Ambient + 5℃] to 40℃ ensures precise environmental conditions. Data management is streamlined with the capacity to save 200 files of measurement results and 9 files of calibration curves. Seamless data export and saving to a PC are facilitated through the Windows interface program.

Powering this advanced luminescence detector is an adaptable AC supply, supporting both 100-120V and 200-240V at 50/60Hz, with a power consumption of 50VA. Compact in design, the AB-2280 Luminescencer NIR measures 250 (W) x 310 (D) x 176 (H) mm, weighing 7.5 kg. This luminescence detector stands as a testament to precision, versatility, and user-friendly design in the realm of molecular biology research.

Superior performance of Luminescencer NIR for ordinary work as a luminometer

The Luminescencer NIR stands out for its superior performance, making it an exceptional choice even for routine tasks typically associated with a standard luminometer. Its advanced design and cutting-edge technology elevate it beyond the ordinary, offering researchers unparalleled precision and efficiency in their daily work.

Despite its high-tech capabilities for specialized applications, the Luminescencer NIR excels in handling commonplace tasks with remarkable ease. Whether conducting ATP assays, gene expression studies, or routine immunoassays, this instrument demonstrates its prowess by delivering consistently accurate results. The Luminescencer NIR's versatility shines through, proving that superior performance is not limited to niche applications but extends seamlessly to the everyday work of a luminometer.

Researchers can rely on the Luminescencer NIR to meet and exceed expectations for ordinary tasks, benefitting from its wide dynamic range, high sensitivity, and user-friendly interface. Its superior performance in routine work sets a new standard, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary and positioning the Luminescencer NIR as a cornerstone in the laboratory's daily operations.