It seems you're interested in protocols and laboratory concepts, particularly in a scientific or research context. Here are some key notions and concepts related to laboratory work, along with some general guidelines for creating and following protocols:


  1. Large scale itn " Ion exchnage Column" Purification  (3-100 liters) 
  2. Small scale itn "Ion Exchange column" purification (0.25-3 liters) 
  3. Integration HFT "Host Factor purification" protocol 
  4. Xis purification protocol 
  5. Western
  6. Integration Recombination buffers 
  7. Electrocompetent cells Protocol 
  8. Buffers of electrocompetent   
  9. Polyethylene Glycol Electrofusion "PFGE" Protocol 
  10.  MIC Protocol
  11. Microscopy Protocol  
  12. Small-scale electroporation  Protocol