EzReprobe: Efficient Stripping for Enhanced Western Blotting

Achieve exceptional western blotting results with EzReprobe, a powerful stripping solution that effectively removes primary and secondary antibodies, enabling reprobing and detection of multiple proteins on the same membrane.

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WSE-7240 EzReprobe 

Purpose and Application

EzReprobe is a versatile stripping reagent designed to remove primary and secondary antibodies from membranes following western blotting. This enables reprobing of the same membrane with different antibodies, allowing for the detection of multiple proteins within a single experiment. EzReprobe offers several advantages over traditional stripping methods, including:

  • Minimal antigen damage: The mild formulation of EzReprobe preserves the integrity of antigens on the membrane, ensuring accurate detection even after multiple stripping cycles.
  • Repeatable stripping performance: EzReprobe consistently removes antibodies, allowing for reliable reprobing and consistent results.
  • Ready-to-use solution: EzReprobe is conveniently provided as a ready-to-use solution, eliminating the need for preparation or mixing.
  • Efficient antibody removal: EzReprobe effectively removes even high-titer antibodies, ensuring thorough stripping and optimal reprobing results.


EzReprobe: Enhance Your Western Blotting with Efficient Antibody Stripping

In the realm of protein detection and analysis, western blotting stands as a cornerstone technique. This powerful method allows researchers to visualize specific proteins from complex sample mixtures, providing valuable insights into their expression levels, modifications, and interactions. However, the traditional western blotting protocol often limits the detection of multiple proteins on a single membrane, as the bound antibodies hinder further probing. To overcome this limitation, stripping solutions have emerged as essential tools for reprobing membranes, enabling the detection of additional proteins without sacrificing the integrity of the blot.

Introducing EzReprobe: A Stripping Solution for Superior Reprobing

EzReprobe, a stripping solution developed by ATTO Corporation, stands out as a remarkable tool for efficient antibody stripping. This versatile reagent effectively removes both primary and secondary antibodies from the membrane, allowing for reprobing and detection of multiple proteins without compromising the quality of the blot. EzReprobe's unique formulation ensures fast reaction kinetics, producing clear and reliable results with minimal background signal.

Key Features of EzReprobe:
  • Efficient stripping of primary and secondary antibodies
  • Fast reaction kinetics for minimal incubation time
  • Low background signal for clear and interpretable results
  • Compatibility with a wide range of blocking buffers and HRP conjugates
  • Suitable for both colorimetric and chemiluminescent detection methods
Applications of EzReprobe:
  • Reprobing membranes for detection of multiple proteins
  • Validating antibody specificity by probing against different epitopes of the same protein
  • Detecting proteins with low abundance or weak antibody binding affinity
  • Analyzing protein expression patterns under different experimental conditions
  • Optimizing western blotting protocols for maximum sensitivity and specificity
Unlocking the Full Potential of Western Blotting with EzReprobe

EzReprobe empowers researchers to explore the intricate world of protein expression and interactions with enhanced efficiency and precision. By effectively stripping antibodies and enabling reprobing, EzReprobe expands the capabilities of western blotting, allowing scientists to uncover a wealth of information from a single membrane. Whether you're studying protein modifications, signaling pathways, or disease-associated protein expression, EzReprobe is an invaluable tool for achieving comprehensive and reliable results.

Embrace the Power of EzReprobe and transform your western blotting experiments with the ability to detect multiple proteins, validate antibody specificity, and gain deeper insights into protein function and regulation.

1. Immense membrane after emission detection in EzReprobe solution and shake it to incubate for 15 min at room temperature.

    *Incubation time depends on antibody titer.

    *In the case of an antibody having a high antibody titer or difficult to come off, incubation time should be extended.

2. After cleaning with wash buffer, the step after blocking is performed for antigen-antibody reaction.

EzReprobe is a powerful stripping reagent that can effectively remove even high-titer antibodies, such as rabbit monoclonal antibodies. This is due to its unique formulation that optimizes antibody removal while minimizing antigen denaturation. As a result, EzReprobe allows for reliable reprobing of membranes without compromising protein integrity.

The ability to remove high-titer antibodies is particularly important for proteins that are difficult to detect using conventional stripping methods. EzReprobe's efficient stripping performance ensures that even strongly bound antibodies are removed, allowing for clear and reliable detection of proteins of interest.

In addition to its effectiveness in removing antibodies, EzReprobe also minimizes antigen denaturation. This is important because denatured antigens can no longer be recognized by antibodies, leading to false negative results. EzReprobe's gentle formulation ensures that antigens remain intact and detectable, even after multiple stripping cycles.

SpecificationsWSE-7240 EzReprobe
Major ComponentsBuffer, Surfactant
PreparationMix 100 mL of EzReprobe with 0.6 g of enhancer
PackageEzReprobe reagent: 500 mL
Enhancer (Powder): 3 g
Storage1 year at room temperature
Ordering Information
Code No.Description
2332530WSE-7240 EzReprobe, 500 mL
2332531WSE-7240L EzReprobe, 2 L

Stripping effect increases by enhancer

  • If antibody having high antibody titer is stripped, attached enhancer is recommended to use.
  • With enhancer, not only stripping effect increases but also high SN ratio data whose back ground is reduced is provided.