Unlocking Genomic Potential: Comprehensive Guide to pG-Tn5 Transposome

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Introducing pG-Tn5 Transposase

Innovative Fusion for Unparalleled Efficiency

pG-Tn5 Transposase is an advanced fusion of Protein G and a highly active mutant form of Tn5 transposase. This unique product integrates the functionalities of Tn5 transposase and Protein G, presenting a remarkable leap forward in genomic research capabilities. The mutant Tn5 transposase within this complex demonstrates an outstanding 1000-fold increase in in vitro transposition efficiency compared to the wild type.

Key Product Features

  • Dual Functionality: Possesses both the functions of Tn5 transposase and Protein A/Protein G.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Exhibits a remarkable 1000 times higher in vitro transposition efficiency than the wild type.

Versatile Applications for Cutting-Edge Research

This groundbreaking product finds its utility across various genomic research applications, providing a versatile toolkit for scientists and researchers.

Product Applications:

  • Second-generation Sequencing Library Construction
  • ATAC-seq (Assay for Transposase-Accessible Chromatin using Sequencing)
  • CUT&Tag (Cleavage Under Targets & Tagmentation)

Why Choose pG-Tn5 Transposase?

In comparison to the conventional ChIP-seq method for protein-genome interaction research, CUT&Tag offers distinct advantages. Its shortened experimental cycle, high signal-to-noise ratio, excellent repeatability, and minimal cell input requirement make it particularly well-suited for cutting-edge studies in early embryonic development, stem cells, tumors, and epigenetics.

Elevate your genomic research with the unparalleled capabilities of pG-Tn5 Transposase – a catalyst for advancements in molecular exploration.

Product Components

Unlocking Precision with Unique Labeling

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Distinctive Label Components:
1pG-Tn5 Transposome (4 µM)12µL
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Product Manual

Protein G-Tn5 is a hybrid protein that combines the features of Protein G and Tn5 transposase, offering a versatile and powerful tool in molecular biology applications. Protein G, known for its high affinity to immunoglobulins, is often used in antibody-related experiments, while Tn5 transposase is utilized for its ability to catalyze the precise insertion of DNA sequences into target genomes.

The fusion of Protein G and Tn5 transposase capitalizes on the strengths of both components. This chimeric protein maintains the antibody-binding capability of Protein G, allowing for efficient and specific capture of antibody-DNA complexes. Simultaneously, the Tn5 transposase portion facilitates the targeted integration of the captured DNA fragments into a host genome, enabling streamlined and controlled genetic manipulations.

Protein G-Tn5 finds applications in various molecular biology techniques, including chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing (ChIP-seq), ATAC-seq (Assay for Transposase Accessible Chromatin with high-throughput sequencing), and other genomic studies. By combining the antibody recognition capabilities of Protein G with the precision of Tn5 transposase-mediated DNA integration, this hybrid protein simplifies experimental workflows and enhances the efficiency of genetic and epigenetic research. Researchers can leverage Protein G-Tn5 to gain insights into gene regulation, chromatin accessibility, and other aspects of genome dynamics with greater accuracy and reproducibility.

Product NamepG-Tn5 Transposome
SourceRecombinant expression in Escherichia coli
Catalog NumberCSB-DEM069
Physical FormLiquid
Storage Conditions-20°C
Molecular Weight70 kDa
Storage Buffer50mM HEPES (pH 7.2), 100mM NaCl, 0.1mM EDTA, 1mMDTT, 0.1% Triton X-100, 50% (v/v) Glycerol
Quality ControlNo residual nucleases and exonucleases
Shelf Life12 months

Revolutionizing Genomic Research: Unveiling pG-Tn5 Transposase

Innovative Fusion for Precision Genome Studies

Introducing pG-Tn5 Transposase, an ingenious fusion enzyme meticulously crafted by marrying Protein G with a modified, high-activity Tn5 transposase. This groundbreaking fusion seamlessly integrates the functionalities of transposase and Protein G, presenting a multifaceted solution tailored for the intricate demands of modern genomics.

Versatile Applications for CUT&Tag Technology

Unlock the potential of CUT&Tag technology, a cutting-edge approach for unraveling the intricacies of protein-genome interactions. pG-Tn5 Transposase's dual capabilities make it a powerhouse for applications in CUT&Tag, a revolutionary method that redefines protein-DNA interaction studies.

Advantages Over Traditional Methods

CUT&Tag stands out with a myriad of advantages over conventional ChIP-seq methods:

  • Time Efficiency: Streamlined experimental procedures for quicker results.
  • Low Cell Requirement: Minimized cellular input, optimizing resource utilization.
  • Low Background Signal: Achieves superior signal-to-noise ratios for robust data.
  • Good Reproducibility: Consistent and reliable results across experiments.
  • Single-Cell Sequencing Applicability: Pioneering capabilities for single-cell genomic exploration.

Unleashing the Power of Protein-Chromatin Interactions

CUT&Tag powered by pG-Tn5 Transposase emerges as a potent tool for unraveling protein-chromatin DNA interactions. This methodology holds immense promise in advancing our understanding of gene regulation and epigenetics.

Protein G's Dynamic Binding Capability

The Protein G component in pG-Tn5 Transposase exhibits remarkable versatility by primarily interacting with the Fc region of immunoglobulins. Its binding ability extends across IgG from a diverse array of mammalian species.

Elevate your genomic studies to unprecedented heights with pG-Tn5 Transposase – a catalyst for precision, efficiency, and innovation in the dynamic realm of genomics.