iFuge C4000NXT: Unleash High-Performance Centrifugation in Your Lab

Elevate your laboratory's centrifugation capabilities with the iFuge C4000NXT, a versatile and powerful benchtop centrifuge designed to deliver exceptional results in a wide range of applications. Experience the pinnacle of performance, precision, and convenience with this advanced centrifuge.

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iFuge C4000NXT  

The IFuge C4000NXT is an advanced benchtop centrifuge designed for a wide range of laboratory applications. It is a compact and versatile centrifuge that offers high performance and a variety of features to meet the needs of demanding researchers. 

The IFuge C4000NXT empowers scientists with a groundbreaking solution for their centrifugation needs, seamlessly integrating into diverse laboratory environments.

Its compact design ensures efficient operation, while its advanced features cater to the demanding requirements of researchers across various disciplines.

The IFuge C4000NXT stands as a testament to innovation, combining exceptional performance with a user-friendly interface that simplifies even the most complex centrifugation protocols.

This cutting-edge centrifuge elevates sample preparation to new heights, enabling researchers to achieve precise separations and accelerate their scientific endeavors.

Experience the pinnacle of centrifugation technology with the IFuge C4000NXT and unlock groundbreaking discoveries in your laboratory.


Revolutionize Clinical PRP and PRF Centrifugation with the C4000 NXT

Experience the pinnacle of clinical centrifugation with the C4000 NXT, an innovative centrifuge designed to optimize PRP and PRF applications. Harnessing the power of horizontal centrifugation, this advanced centrifuge delivers superior platelet and leukocyte yields compared to traditional fixed-angle models. Its compact design is complemented by a suite of advanced safety features, including a motorized latch, imbalance detection, and a secure lid-lock mechanism.

Unprecedented Performance and Safety
  • Horizontal Centrifugation for Enhanced Platelet and Leukocyte Recovery: Achieve significantly higher platelet and leukocyte yields compared to conventional fixed-angle centrifuges.
  • Compact Design for Space-Conscious Labs: Maximize benchtop space with the C4000 NXT's compact design, seamlessly integrating into any laboratory environment.
  • Advanced Safety Features for Unwavering Protection: Ensure user and sample safety with a motorized latch, imbalance detection, and a secure lid-lock mechanism.
Features that Empower Clinical Procedures
  • Versatile 6-Tube Rotor Design: Accommodate a variety of sample types with the unique 6-tube rotor, including 10mL tubes in a compact unit.
  • Flexible Timer Settings: Adjust centrifugation times with precision, ranging from 1 to 999 minutes, or opt for infinite mode for extended runs.
  • Microprocessor-Controlled Efficiency: Experience consistent and reliable performance even under demanding workloads with microprocessor control.
  • Intuitive Digital Display: Easily monitor and adjust centrifugation parameters with the user-friendly digital display.
  • Automatic Lid Opening: Streamline your workflow with the automatic lid opening mechanism upon run completion.

Additional Highlights

  • Variable Speed Selection: Fine-tune centrifugation speed from 500 to 4000 RPM in precise 10 RPM increments.
  • Imbalance Detection with Auto-Cut-Off: Protect your samples and centrifuge with imbalance detection and auto-cut-off safety.
  • One-Touch RPM/RCF Conversion: Effortlessly switch between RPM and RCF settings at the touch of a button.
  • Favorite Mode: Save up to 99 user-defined programs for frequently used protocols.
  • Smart Airflow Design: Maintain optimal chamber temperature with the intelligent airflow design.
  • Low Loading Height for Ease of Operation: Experience convenient sample loading and unloading with the low loading height.
  • Safe Low Voltage Device: Ensure safety with the low voltage design.
  • Centrally Placed Latch Lock for Effortless Closure: Secure the centrifuge lid effortlessly with the centrally placed latch lock.

Embrace the future of clinical PRP and PRF centrifugation with the C4000 NXT and elevate your laboratory's capabilities to new heights.

SpecificationsC4000 NXT
Dimension (W x D x H)381 x 480 x 185 (mm)
Weight of Equipment8.2 kg (without rotor)
Permissible Temp.5-40°C
AltitudeUse up to an altitude of 2000 m above MSL
Pollution Degree2
EnvironmentFor indoor use only
Noise Level≤65 dB
Power Adaptor DetailsInput: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Output: 24V 5A
Power Consumption90 W

Tubes Rotor:

Rotor Specification6 Tubes Rotor8 Tubes Rotor16 Tubes Rotor
Rotor6 x 10ml Swing Rotor8 x 15ml Fix Angle Rotor16 x 10ml Fix Angle Rotor
Maximum Capacity6 x 2ml, 6 x 3ml, 6 x 4ml6 x 10ml, 6 x 9ml, 6 x 6ml8 x 15ml Conical Tube, 16 x 10ml Gel Tube
Nominal RCF1840 g2270 g1950 g
Acceleration Time45 seconds45 seconds45 seconds
Deceleration Time40 seconds70 seconds70 seconds
Power90 W24 W35 W
Current Consumption3.7 A1.01 A1.45 A

Unleash the Power of Precision Centrifugation

The IFuge C4000NXT is a revolutionary benchtop centrifuge that redefines the standards of precision and efficiency in laboratory research. Its sophisticated design and advanced features empower scientists to achieve exceptional results in a wide range of applications, from cell separation and protein precipitation to nucleic acid purification and microscale pelleting.

The IFuge C4000NXT's hallmark features include:
  • High-speed centrifugation: Reach speeds of up to 4,000 xg, enabling ultrafast separations and optimized sample recovery.
  • Versatile rotors: Utilize a variety of rotors to accommodate a wide range of sample volumes and tube types, ensuring compatibility with diverse experimental setups.
  • Microprocessor control: Experience consistent and reliable performance even under demanding workloads, with microprocessor control ensuring precise speed and time settings.
  • Intuitive digital display: Monitor and adjust centrifugation parameters effortlessly with the user-friendly digital display, providing real-time feedback on centrifuge status.
  • Automatic lid opening: Streamline your workflow with the automatic lid opening mechanism upon run completion, minimizing manual intervention.
  • Advanced safety features: Protect your samples and centrifuge with a suite of advanced safety features, including imbalance detection, lid lock safety, and emergency stop button.
  • Compact and ergonomic design: Maximize benchtop space with the C4000NXT's compact design and ergonomic handle, ensuring effortless operation and convenient transport.

Elevate Your Laboratory to New Heights

The IFuge C4000NXT is an essential tool for researchers striving for the highest levels of precision and efficiency in their centrifugation protocols. Its advanced capabilities and user-friendly interface empower scientists to achieve groundbreaking results, accelerate research, and unlock new discoveries.

Embrace the future of centrifugation technology with the IFuge C4000NXT and propel your laboratory to new heights of scientific excellence.