HS-Taq DNA Polymerases: High Fidelity DNA Amplification for Precision PCR

HS-Taq DNA polymerases are a family of highly accurate DNA polymerases that are ideal for PCR applications. They offer high fidelity, specificity, and processivity, making them ideal for a wide range of PCR applications.

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Highly Specific and Sensitive Thermostable DNA Polymerase

HS-Taq DNA polymerase is an antibody-blocked thermostable polymerase that delivers exceptional specificity and sensitivity for PCR applications. Its polymerase activity remains completely inhibited at room temperature, effectively preventing non-specific amplification and primer dimerization during reaction preparation and other handling steps. This unique feature ensures that amplification only occurs during the desired PCR cycling conditions, significantly enhancing the accuracy and reliability of PCR results.

Product Features
  • Exceptional Specificity: Antibody-mediated hot start technology minimizes non-specific amplification, ensuring accurate target detection.
  • High Sensitivity: Excellent amplification sensitivity enables detection of low template quantities, making it ideal for low-copy number PCR applications.
  • Robust Multiplexing Capabilities: Simultaneous amplification of multiple target genes, facilitating the development of multiplex PCR kits for comprehensive genetic analysis.
  • Remarkable Stability: Stable reagent performance after incubation at 37°C for 14 days or undergoing 40 freeze-thaw cycles, ensuring consistent performance over time.
Product Applications
  • Conventional PCR Reactions: Suitable for a wide range of PCR applications, including routine PCR, amplification of complex templates, and low-copy template PCR.
  • Multiplex PCR Experiments: Efficiently amplifies multiple target genes simultaneously, enabling comprehensive genetic analysis in a single PCR run.
  • Quantitative PCR Experiments: Accurate and sensitive quantification of DNA or RNA targets for gene expression studies and other research applications.
Product Data

Comparison test with competitive enzymes:

FeatureHS-Taq DNA PolymeraseCompetitive Enzyme 1Competitive Enzyme 2
Multiplexing CapabilityExcellentGoodFair

As evident from the comparison table, HS-Taq DNA polymerase outperforms competitive enzymes in terms of specificity, sensitivity, multiplexing capability, and stability. Its superior performance makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of PCR applications, particularly those demanding high accuracy, sensitivity, and versatility.

Accelerated stability

Specific amplification capability

Template: Human genomic DNA

Line 1, 2, 3: Hot start Taq DNA polymerase

Line 4, 5, 6: Regular Taq enzyme

M: Trans2K DNA Marker


HS-Taq DNA polymerase is a powerful and versatile tool for PCR research, offering exceptional specificity, sensitivity, and stability. Its antibody-mediated hot start technology effectively eliminates non-specific amplification and primer dimerization, ensuring accurate and reliable PCR results. Whether for routine PCR, multiplex PCR, or quantitative PCR, HS-Taq DNA polymerase delivers the performance you demand for your research needs.


Product Specification

Product NameHS-Taq DNA Polymerase
SourceE. coli recombinant expression
Catalog NumberCSB-DEM024
Physical FormLiquid
Enzyme Activity5 U/µL
Storage Conditions-20 ±5°C
Molecular Weight94 kDa
Storage Buffer10 mM Tris-HCl, 100 mM KCl, 1 mM DTT, 0.1 mM EDTA, 0.5% Tween20, 0.5% NP-40, 50% Glycerol
Activity DefinitionThe amount of enzyme required to incorporate 10 nmol of deoxynucleotide into acid-insoluble material within 30 min at 75°C is defined as one unit of activity (U).
Quality ControlNo detectable exonuclease and endonuclease activities
Shelf Life24 months
Product Description

HS-Taq DNA Polymerase stands as an innovative solution, featuring an antibody-inhibited heat-stable polymerase. The unique design ensures complete inhibition of polymerase activity at room temperature, effectively preventing non-specific amplification and primer dimer formation during the setup of PCR reactions. Its versatility shines through with compatibility for both regular PCR and fluorescence quantitative PCR, encompassing methods like the SYBR Green dye method and the probe method. The resulting PCR product exhibits a distinctive single dA nucleotide protruding at the 3' end, offering a direct application for TA cloning procedures.

Product Components
Component No.Component NameSpecifications
15× PCR Buffer1.2 mL, 6 mL, 12 mL
2Taq DNA Polymerase500 U, 2500 U, 5000 U

HS-Taq DNA Polymerase: A High-Fidelity Enzyme for Precise PCR

HS-Taq DNA polymerase is a thermostable DNA polymerase that has been modified with an antibody to inhibit its activity at room temperature. This hot start technology prevents non-specific amplification and primer dimerization during PCR reaction setup, which can lead to inaccurate results. As a result, HS-Taq DNA polymerase is a highly specific and sensitive enzyme that is ideal for a wide range of PCR applications.

Key Features of HS-Taq DNA Polymerase:
  • High Fidelity: HS-Taq DNA polymerase incorporates nucleotides with very high accuracy, resulting in a low error rate. This makes it ideal for PCR applications where high fidelity is critical, such as gene cloning and mutation detection.
  • High Sensitivity: HS-Taq DNA polymerase can amplify very low levels of DNA, making it suitable for applications where template DNA is limited or difficult to obtain.
  • Broad Specificity: HS-Taq DNA polymerase can amplify a wide range of DNA templates, including GC-rich and AT-rich templates.
  • High Processivity: HS-Taq DNA polymerase can synthesize long DNA fragments in a single cycle, making it efficient for amplifying long targets.
  • Thermostability: HS-Taq DNA polymerase is stable at high temperatures, making it suitable for PCR applications that require extended incubation times or high denaturation temperatures.

Applications of HS-Taq DNA Polymerase:
  • Conventional PCR: HS-Taq DNA polymerase is ideal for routine PCR applications, including amplification of genes, cDNA, and genomic DNA.
  • Multiplex PCR: HS-Taq DNA polymerase can efficiently amplify multiple target genes in a single PCR reaction, making it a valuable tool for genetic screening and disease diagnosis.
  • Quantitative PCR (qPCR): HS-Taq DNA polymerase is highly accurate and sensitive, making it suitable for qPCR applications that require precise quantification of gene expression or DNA copy number.
  • Long PCR: HS-Taq DNA polymerase can amplify long DNA fragments, making it useful for applications such as gene cloning and large fragment amplification.
  • Mutation Detection: HS-Taq DNA polymerase's high fidelity makes it ideal for mutation detection applications, such as single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) analysis.

Overall, HS-Taq DNA polymerase is a versatile and powerful tool for PCR research. Its high fidelity, sensitivity, and processivity make it ideal for a wide range of PCR applications, from routine amplification to complex genetic analyses.

Additional Information:
  • HS-Taq DNA polymerase is available in a variety of formulations, including 2x master mix and 5x master mix, to meet the specific needs of different PCR applications.
  • HS-Taq DNA polymerase is compatible with a wide range of PCR instruments and thermocyclers.
  • HS-Taq DNA polymerase is a cost-effective solution for PCR research.