Isolation of subcellular membranes and cell organelles

Welcome to Axis-Shield Density Gradient Media, a brand of Alere Technologies AS. Our company has more than 40 years of experience in production and marketing of Density Gradient Media.

Iso-osmotic gradients prepared from OptiPrep™ provide improved resolution of many subcellular membranes, including nuclei, mitochondria, ER, Golgi, TGN, plasma membrane domains, endosomes, peroxisomes and transport vesicles from both mammalian cells and from yeast.

Many applications employ the unique advantage of the ability of OptiPrep™ to form self-generated gradients; these reduce preparation time and improve reproducibility and resolution.

OptiPrep™ does not need to be removed from the gradient fractions prior to gel electrophoresis or most spectrophotometric analyses.

There are over 60 OptiPrep™ Application Sheets with detailed protocols, including methods for preparing gradients, homogenization of tissues and cells, differential centrifugation and enzyme analysis.

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