Axis-Shield Density Gradient Databases and Cell Indexes

Abstract database

There are nearly two thousand abstracts in the Nycodenz® Cell Abstract Database and over six hundred in the OptiPrep™ Cell Abstract Database. To access these abstracts, first click on one of the following indexes:

OptiPrep™ Cell Index

Application sheet index

The Application Sheets contain detailed methodologies for the isolation of 51 different types of cell. Scroll down the Alphabetical Cell Index (below) to find the cell of interest. Then click on the relevant (Application Sheet) for a detailed protocol of cell isolation. In some cases more than one Application Sheet for a specific cell type may be provided, if different practical strategies are available.

If a cell type is not in this index, it may be necessary to develop a customized method; click here on

(Application Sheet C14) for some guidance.

In addition to these cell purification methods there are the following four Application Sheets that proovide important information on gradient technology:

Preparation of density gradient solutions