Isolation of mammalian and non-mammalian cells

Axis-Shield supplies two types of Density Gradient Media:  

(1) Ready-to-use media for the isolation of leukocyte fractions from peripheral blood (Lymphoprep™ Polymorphprep™ and NycoPrep™)

(2) General purpose media (OptiPrep™ and Nycodenz®) for the isolation of all types of mammalian (including leukocytes) and non-mammalian cells. 

Only Axis-Shield Density Gradient Media are produced under strict FDA and EU cGMP compliance to the EU pharmacological standard of <1 endotoxin unit/ml. 

Endotoxin causes changes to leukocyte populations in vivo, and in vitro interacts with CD14 and other receptors. In monocytes and macrophages endotoxin causes cytokine production and activation of complement and coagulation cascades; it also acts as a B cell mitogen. Endotoxin also modulates the function of non-mammalian cells.

Axis-Shield Density Gradient Media have the lowest endotoxin levels of any commercially produced media.

Many of the new OptiPrep™ methods for isolation of low-density cells use a new high-resolution flotation technology. Cells demonstrate excellent viability and function after isolation using OptiPrep™.