Axis-Shield Mini-Review Index

Important information: The Mini-Reviews are divided into Cells (MC), Macromolecules and macromolecular complexes (MM), Subcellular membranes (MS) and Viruses (MV). Scroll down the Index (below) to find the biological particle(s) of interest. Then click on the relevant MIni-Review Number (not the title) to open a link to the text.


MC01 Mononuclear cells, monocytes and polymorphonuclear leukocytes: a methodological review

MC02 Mononuclear cells, monocytes and polymorphonuclear leukocytes: a bibliographical review

MC03 Purification of platelets from whole blood and their removal from blood leukocyte     preparations.

MC04 Viable/non-viable cell separation

MC05 Purification of pancreatic islets - a bibliography

MC06 Dendritic cells from blood and tissues

MC07 Isolation of cells from brain and spinal cord - a bibliography

MC08 Hepatic non-parenchymal (stellate, Kupffer and endothelial) - a short methodological survey 

MC09 Hepatic non-parenchymal stellate cells - a bibliography

MC10 Hepatic non-parenchymal Kupffer and sinusoidal endothelial cells (and other liver cell types - a bibliography

MC11 Isolation of pancreatic stellate cells

MC12 Density gradient media for the purification of cells - a perspective

Macromolecules and macromolecular complexes

MM01Analysis of plasma lipoproteins - a bibliography

MM02 Proteoliposomes - general methodology and bibliography

MM03 Macromolecules and macromolecular complexes

Subcellular membranes

MS01 Purification of nuclei from tissues and cells in isoosmotic iodixanol (OptiPrep) gradients

MS02 Purification of peroxisomes - a bibliography

MS03 Purification of organelles from non-mammalian eukaryotes

MS04 Purification and analysis of mammalian mitochondria

MS05 Analysis of membrane trafficking  in mammalial cells tissues and cells: fractionation of ER, Golgi, TGN, PM and endosomes

MS06 Lipid rich detergent-resistant domains from vertebrate cells and tissues

MS07 Detergent-free strategy for lipid raft isolation

MS08 Purification of caveolae in gradients prepared from OptiPrep

MS09 Resolution of soluble cytosolic proteins from membrane vesicles and organelles: a bibliography

MS10 Intracellular exocytic vesicle trafficking

MS11 Preparation of synaptosomes, neuromelanin granules and synaptic vesicles

MS12 Lysosomes - a methodological and bibliographical review

MS13 Endocytosis - a bibliographical review

MS14 Endocytosis analysis - a review of density gradient methods

MS15 Lipid rich detergent-resistant membranes from invertebrate cells, plant cells, fungi, bacteria and protozoa - a bibliography

MS16 Bacterial and fungal extracellular vesicles

MS17 Eukaryotic cell exosomes and other microvesicles from conditioned medium - an analytical bibliography

MS18 Purification of nuclei from tissues and cells in isoosmotic iodixanol gradients -a bibliography 


MV01 Isolation of viral vectors using OptiPrep

MV02 Recombinant-AAV bibliography

MV03 Purification and analysis of Herpesviridae viruses and herpes virus vectors

MV04 Purification and analysis of retroviruses

MV05 Purification and analysis of papillomaviruses

MV06 Purification and analysis of hepatitis C virus

MV07 Comparison of gradients prepared from OptiPrep with those prepared from CsCl, sucrose or glycerol for the purification and analysis of viruses and viral vectors