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The methodology for the isolation various types of neural cell (motoneurons and neuroglial cells) from brain and spinal cord using OptiPrep™ is well-established and presented in detail in the OptiPrep™ Application Sheets that can be found on the Applications flash-drive or accessed via the following website (click on “Methodology then “Mammalian and non-mammalian cells” and follow the links from the Index). Application Sheet C22.

Motoneurons from spinal cords Application Sheet C29: Motoneurons from brain Application Sheet C36: Microglial cells This Mini-Review brings together all of the known published papers reporting the use of OptiPrep™ for neural cells. 

The references are presented alphabetically according to animal and tissue source (e.g. Mouse brain cortex (adult)) and, where necessary, divided further into research topic areas. Within each section references are listed alphabetically according to first author and the title of each paper is highlighted in blue text.