Resolution of soluble cytosolic proteins from membrane vesicles and organelles: a bibliography

The reference list, which follows, includes principally papers describing the separation of membranes and soluble (cytosolic) proteins (Section 1); it is divided alphabetically into source material (cell or tissue type). 

It includes both mammalian and non-mammalian sources and in each of the 25 sections, references are listed alphabetically according to first author. Some papers report the study of previously prepared subcellular membranes to determine the distribution of a particular protein between the soluble fraction and the organelle(s). 

Others papers describe the separation of vesicles either budded from the cells or obtained from permeabilized cells. These are listed in Section 2. In some cases gradients also resolve lipid droplets. Because a significant number of papers use the methodology for the study of virus processing, these may be listed both in the main cell/tissue references (Section 1) and in Section 3, which is devoted solely to virus processing.