Polysucrose™ 400

Using sodium metrizoate and a polysaccharide Bøyum (1968) developed a one-step centrifugal technique for isolation of lymphocytes (Lymphoprep™). In this method the polysaccharide aggregates the erythrocytes, thereby increasing their sedimentation rate. 

Polysucrose™ 400 has also been used as a density gradient medium for the purification of other cells and in membrane fractionation. Non-ionic high molecular weight solutes such as polysucrose are required for a number of other research scenarios. 

Polysucrose™ 400 may be used as a stabilizing agent in protein solutions and it can function as an immuno-logically inert carrier for low molecular weight haptens in immunological studies. 

Polysucrose™ 400 is also used to reduce non-specific binding of labelled probes to nitrocellulose membranes during nucleic acid hybridization. It also simplifies the loading of nucleic acids into the sample wells of agarose gels for electrophoresis.